Kit Car Shows

Kit car shows are more than just a great day out, they give you the chance to see many of the latest models as built by enthusiasts, rather than the sanitized glossy photos featured in magazines or the manufacturers brochure. However, there is so much more to a show and during the course of this article I will try to include many of the main reasons why you should head on over to a kit show, certainly before you decide to assemble a vehicle of your own. My suggestion is to enjoy all the fun of the kit car shows as you gather as much information as you can for your next project. Take a notebook, pen and camera and make a day, or weekend, of it.

The Kit Car

The process of selecting a kit car to build is right at the start of the road to owning and driving a car you put together yourself. While this seems a little obvious, it is worth bearing in mind that it is at this stage that you are usually most excited and enthusiastic about the whole idea. Below, I showcase a few popular options just to whet your appetite!

The Donor

One of the main considerations before you even buy a kit is where you are going to source the parts needed to complete the build. While some manufacturers design their kit around a single donor car, many are now choosing to rely on parts sourced from a number of vehicles, often off the shelf from specialist scrap yards or aftermarket suppliers.


Once your cherished kit car is delivered, you have to put it together. So you will need to decide ahead of time where you plan to assemble your kit as you will need space for the car as it progresses plus extra space for the parts as they are delivered. It goes without saying that even more space will be needed for tools and lifting gear as you work.

Kit Car Manufacturers

Dakar 4x4

Dakar 4x4

The indestructible Dakar 4x4 is a tough, no compromise sporty off-roader based on a Range Rover chassis, yet it weighs in at a fraction of the original donor, making it as happy on the open road as it is axle deep in mud. So when sane kit car owners tuck their prized sports cars away for the winter, the Dakar owner comes out to play!

Cobra replica

Cobra Replicas

Cobra replicas are every bit as popular now as they have been at any time in the last few decades and it's easy to see why. The combination of raw power and stunningly good looks coupled with great handling ensure that cobras will be high on the list of many kit car builders for many more decades to come.

Beauford Cars

Beauford Cars

Beauford cars have been much sought after by kit car builders and wedding car businesses for what seems like forever, with around 2000 cars on the road. They can be rightly proud of this uniquely stylish 30s design that shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

Tiger Racing Cars

Tiger Cars

Tiger Sports cars are a UK based business manufacturing a number of Lotus Seven styled kit cars in various stages of completion, from a washer to a rolling chassis right through to race capable turnkey vehicles. Their range includes the entry level Tiger Avon and the twin-engined Tiger 100.

Grinnall Scorpion

Grinnall Cars

The Grinnall Scorpion is a sleek and stylish three wheeler kit car based on the BMW motorcycle. I have to admit that I like the Grinnall Scorpion. Yes, I know that many people wouldn't even consider a three wheeler, but I'm pretty sure that after they try a Grinnall, especially on the road, they will change their mind.

Jago utility off roader


The Jago is a popular off road and utility vehicle that is as much fun to build as it is to drive. Based on an escort donor, this rugged car is relatively simple to put together with spares still widely available. A Land Rover model named the Sandero was also produced offering superior off-road ability.

Exo-Skeleton Three Wheelers

There are a growing number of sporty kits now available that are little more than a motorcycle type external frame to house and tame an eyewateringly powerful engine. The main benefits are:

  • Supreme handling and roadholding
  • Extremely light body giving awesome acceleration
  • Low centre of gravity for road hugging performance
  • Fun to assemble AND to drive
  • Guaranteed to turn heads as you flash past!

Overall, it's easy to see why these kits are quite literally flying out of the factory as they combine all the fun and performance of driving a thoroughbred sports car with the practicality of regular road use. Just don't expect too much boot space for shopping!

exo-skeleton three wheeler