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Web video has completely changed from the early days of the corporate ad. You know the ones…they droned on and on and on about how wonderful the company was. Not that anyone ever bothered to watch!

Thanks to websites such as Youtube and the proliferation of very affordable HD cameras such as the Kodak Zi8 or even your smartphone it is now possible to create a short intro video for your business for very little outlay.

With a little computer know-how you can spice it up so that it is visually engaging as well as showcasing your talents, products or services.

But the REAL beauty of online video hosted on Youtube is that you can then embed the movie everywhere, from your Google Places listing to high traffic sites such as Facebook.

So if you’re looking for a cost effective yet stunningly simple way to capture your visitors attention, present them with your compelling sales message and then almost force them to whip out their credit card, listen up.

Because you can now do all this and more using the amazing power of web video.

And there’s never been a better time to promote your business, products or services for a mere fraction of what it used to cost in the old days…

…And by using timeless Direct Response Marketing methods, your results will blow away anything that the stuffy ‘Corporate Branding’ Ad Agencies could churn out.

Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this 1 minute promotion I created to showcase British kit car manufacturers.

(Go Full Screen for the best quality!)

Now imagine for a moment, if you had a husband/brother/father who was thinking of starting a hobby and had considered building his own car. Do you think he’d want to watch a ‘corporate ad’? You know the type…they drone on and on about mission statements, how long they’ve been in business or heaven forbid, where the boss went to University!

Of course not!

He wants to see what’s in it for him, right? And you want to know that he’ll be buying a project that will give him maximum value for money as well as a safe, fun car at the end!

So think about your own business for a moment. Wouldn’t you love to show your customers exactly what you can do for them in a clear, focused way that they can understand.

Wouldn’t that help to convert more browsers into buyers?

How much would that add to your bottom line profits?

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