Sometimes it seems like Google is trying to take over the World. First it took on and dominated the search engines. Then it bought Youtube, the video website. Now it looks like it’s going head to head with the giants of offline search, the Yellow Pages.

See, if you do a Google search for your town and say plumbers, the top of the search results comes straight from Google Maps. Each result has the company contact details such as website address and postal address, as well as phone number and other data.

This other data could be customer reviews, submitted by (hopefully) satisfied clients. However, if you treat your customers badly, they have the chance to very publicly vent their anger!

There is also space for photos and video and it’s this video that I wish to focus on today as it is potentially one of the most significant marketing tools to have emerged in recent times.

First you need a short marketing video that shows your business, products or services in a good light. Then you need to upload it to Youtube. Finally, you need to log in to your Google account and associate your Youtube video with your business listing.

Voila! You now have a video listing that can be watched by your customers at the very time they are searching for your services.