Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is surely the most cost effective method of promoting your business, products or services, especially now that Facebook Marketing has grown so huge. Once you set up a referral marketing system, it virtually runs itself, almost on autopilot, to drive a constant stream of eager new customers to your door…especially when you include referrals as part of a permission based email marketing campaign.

Spread The Word

Many businesses already get some referrals, usually in the form of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from previous satisfied customers. And this is great. Unfortunately they are not consistent enough to be reliable.

See, even if you give your customer the very best service available, many people simply don’t even think about passing on the good word for you. It’s not that they wouldn’t recommend you; it’s just that they haven’t even thought about it.

Forcing The Referral

It’s at this point that many marketing gurus suggest that you pump your ‘satisfied’ customer for referrals. This hard sell approach is the fastest way I can think of to ruin a potential referral relationship!

Here’s why…

You’ve got a happy customer sat in front of you. You now beg ask them “Is there anyone else that you know who could benefit from our service?”.

What your happy customer really hears is “OK, it’s payback time! I’ve done a great job for you and now it’s time for you to return the favour. I want a list of your closest friends so that I can bully them with my hard sell pitch!”

To the average person with an ounce of sense it makes you look desperate and unprofessional…like a cheesy second hand car salesman…and it almost guarantees that they won’t recommend you to their friends.

So How Can You Get Referrals?

It’s much easier for you to get referrals when you make it seem like the customers idea! And it’s also possible to turn the whole process into a repeatable, predictable system using a cheap and easy sequential autoresponder that doesn’t rely on you having to beg, bully or ‘sell’ the idea to them.


Then let me introduce you to the almost magical world of autopilot referrals.

I’ve written a 12 page report outlining what your business needs to do right now in order to unleash a never ending flood of new, eager customers to your door using the awesome power of referrals.