Social Media

With the rapid growth of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ new marketing opportunities have become available to the small business owner. But while reputation management still needs to be thought out in advance, it can transform your business almost overnight as word spreads virally between satisfied customers and their friends.

Three Low Cost Marketing Shortcuts

Promoting your business is costly, and for many small businesses, it is a gamble that they simply must take, yet can ill afford to lose. So here are a number of ways to get the ball rolling and reach your potential customers without laying out a fortune up front.

Using Viral Marketing To Promote Your Business

Viral marketing is a way of spreading your message is such a way that it gets passed on and on and on. It can be done via the social web or email, as in the case of jokes or funny video clips, or using software downloads and ebooks.

Video for Business

Websites such as Youtube have lowered the barrier to viewing online video to such a level that it is almost expected to see a movie clip on a web page as you browse online. Isn’t it time you had a video for your business?

Web Video and Local Search

Using web video for local search and marketing is a cost effective way of putting your message in front of potential customers. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on high tech equipment or a fancy Ad Agency to create short movies that sell.

What Is A QR Code?

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two dimensional bar code that contains data to connect your real world customers to the digital online world. Using a smartphone you simply scan it using a QR code Reader app which will then take you to a website, a map address, load an email address or add contact details to your mobile phone. They are a fast and easy way to connect your customers to the information they need…wherever they happen to be.