Referral Marketing Strategies

Without clear referral marketing strategies, most businesses are simply opening their doors and hoping for customers to walk in, often with little or no success.

Yet by putting into place a clear and measurable referral system it is possible to create multiple streams of new business for very little cost or effort. Combine this with a Social Media campaign and your marketing efforts can go viral.


Local Marketing

Local marketing has changed beyond all recognition over the last few years, with the rapid decline of traditional print media such as the Yellow Pages and regional newspapers.

For small businesses it means they will need to look for new ways to promote themselves to their local customer base. Fortunately it has never been easier or more cost effective to employ online OR offline methods to pull in new customers, or stay in touch with existing ones.


Connect With Social Media

With the breathtaking growth of social media such as Facebook and Google+ a wealth of new marketing opportunities have become available to the small business owner. However, it is not without risk.

Reputation management needs to be thought out in advance as bad news travels fast! But get it right and it can transform your business almost overnight as word spreads virally between satisfied customers and their friends.


Mobile Marketing

The way we connect to the web is changing, with mobile phones set to overtake the traditional computer as soon as 2013. After all, it's always on and it's always with us. But what we LOOK for on the web is also changing, with more customers searching online for local products and services.

So it is essential for small businesses to have a clear mobile marketing strategy or they risk discarding over half of their potential customer base. Quick Tip: Visit your website with a smartphone NOW and try to find your opening hours!


"To grow your business...YOU need to BE where your customers ARE"



Most small businesses rely heavily on referral or "word of mouth" marketing. Yet without a clear referral system in place it is nothing more than HOPE with a sprinkling of wishful thinking!


Local Marketing

As most small businesses serve their community, local marketing is their bread and butter. From leaflets offline to Google Maps online it is vital to get the best results from your efforts.


Social Media

The rapid rise in popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has changed the way small businesses connect to their customers.


Mobile Web

It is projected that by 2013, more people will connect to the web via a mobile device than a regular computer. Is your website mobile ready? Grab a smartphone NOW and see for yourself!

"Web video for your business is now easier to create and more affordable than ever..."